Jamie Redknapp urges Jose Mourinho to not start a war with Paul Pogba

by Marwan Harraz

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp has urged Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to not start a war with star player Paul Pogba.

The Portuguese manager’s decisions of late have led some sections of the media to hype it up as an incident that could suggest a breakdown in their relationship.

For example, Mourinho decided to substitute the Frenchman during the loss to Tottenham leaving fans to wonder why he decided to take off one of the club’s better players in a must win match.

The former Real Madrid boss did the same thing in the recent loss to Newcastle and denied reports that Pogba was injured which once more left supporters frustrated.

Redknapp believes Jose is not only failing to bring out the best of Paul but is also risking upsetting one of his best players.

According to the Express, Jamie said on Sky Sports: “I’m not saying you have to pander to him and put an arm around him. I wouldn’t see a situation where Pep would do that to him.

“If he were at Man City, he would be one of their star performers. I don’t think Jose gets the best out of him. I don’t feel he’s the sort of manager to help him and bring him on.

“It almost feels like he’s taking him on. This isn’t a kid you’re messing around with – he’s one of the biggest assets in world football.

“Straight away you are asking for a war now with a player of his power, Mourinho has to be very careful. I don’t see the benefit in trying to upset one of your star players.”

Jamie Redknapp’s take on the situation is rather interesting as it goes against the grain of what many people consider to be top management.

While Jose Mourinho is clearly upset with Paul Pogba, the way the media have taken it all has turned it into sensationalism.

It’s rather transparent that the United manager wants his player to stick to his position and tactical responsibilities, particularly when playing a 4-2-3-1.

Perhaps Mourinho has been substituting Pogba to make a point but it may also just be to give his team tactical solidity as he explained for both situations.

No one can deny that Paul is incapable of holding his position in the double pivot of a 4-2-3-1 and while it’s strange that Jose insists on using him that way, it’s still clear that replacing him with a more solid midfielder would be the tactically correct thing.

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