Video: Paul Pogba in good spirits ahead of Chelsea clash

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba has videoed himself in good spirits ahead of Manchester United’s clash with Chelsea, despite reports suggesting his relationship with Jose Mourinho has soured.

The Frenchman was hooked off during defeats to Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United alongside being consigned to the bench for clashes with Huddersfield Town and Sevilla.

His recent dip in form has prompted rumours suggesting that his relationship with Mourinho, whose decision to use him in a midfield pivot has angered supporters, had become strained.

But Pogba, having observed Jumu’ah, a congressional prayer Muslims hold every Friday, was in decidedly good spirits, enthusing about Manchester actually being sunny for once.

A litany of players use Instagram on a regular basis, posting videos of themselves driving or just going about their day, but Pogba, despite being regularly attacked for his online persona, is not one of them.

He very rarely uploads Instagram stories of such a casual nature – the Uncle Pat approach, so to speak – which makes me think that he was making a point with this video.

Amid all the noise about strife in the dressing room – an existential crisis developing, the whole season going off the tracks because of a schism surrounding where the Frenchman plays, the prospect of him even leaving – Pogba wanted to let us know that, at least in his world, the sun was out and things were just fine.

No player enjoys the level of talk Pogba’s name has merited in recent weeks. No player, unless they literally kill someone, merits that level of constant prattle.

And Pogba, in my view, is reminding us all here to perhaps just calm down a bit, enjoy the day, and maybe – just maybe – stop fuelling a social media storm with no basis in reality.

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