Chris Smalling insists second place is the bare minimum for Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Chris Smalling has insisted that second place in the Premier League should be the minimum target for the club.

Jose Mourinho’s men started the season strongly, going head to head with fierce rivals and league leaders Manchester City but then slowly started to fall away from the title race.

United’s decline wasn’t terrible and they’ve remained second for most of the current campaign with the Englishman having played a large number of those games.

According to Transfermarkt, Smalling has made 20 appearances in the Premier League of the 28 matches that have been played so far.

Having contributed to most of the Red Devils’ season, the centre-back believes that they should always aim for the highest but that second place is the bare minimum.

According to Eir Sport, Chris said: “I think obviously we’ve been second for quite a while and that needs to be our bare minimum. The fact we get to play Liverpool at home as well I think is a big advantage.

“If we can separate ourselves from Chelsea and Liverpool and work our way up then we can do that. But I think that’s our (goal) first and foremost.”

Most fans wouldn’t have expected the defender to make as many appearances for the club as he has done this season due to Eric Bailly and Victor Lindelof’s presence.

However, the Ivorian has struggled with injuries while the Swede has proven that he needs a season to adjust to his new surroundings.

Jose Mourinho invested in both centre-backs in his two seasons at the club, proving that he believes the defence certainly needs some added quality.

This doesn’t spell well for Chris Smalling and Manchester United’s other defenders but they now have the opportunity to prove their worth before both the players form a solid partnership.

Supporters can only believe that Eric and Victor are the club’s future but the remaining defenders can definitely throw a wrench in those plans.

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