Alan Shearer feels sympathy for Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Alan Shearer has admitted that he feels sympathetic for Manchester United star Romelu Lukaku due to the lack of service received.

The Belgian has managed to score over 20 goals this season across all competitions but has still been heavily criticised by many.

In his first campaign at the club, Lukaku couldn’t have wished for a better goals record and will surely wonder what he must do to gain his due respect.

At least the striker will have some relief in knowing that his manager trusts him fully and is completely pleased with his performances.

Shearer though feels sorry for Romelu, having played as a striker himself, he understands what it feels like to not receive the ball as often as he’d like.

According to the Sport Review, Alan said to BBC Sport: “I do have a little bit of sympathy for him [Lukaku] because sometimes the way Man Utd play and the way Mourinho wants them to play with either Herrera or Matic.

“Once the midfielder gets the ball not always are their first thought is ‘can I get the ball forward’, sometimes their first thought is ‘I’ll go to the left, or I’ll go back or I might even go to the right’.

“But, if it were to happen more often and look forward first and play that ball forward that makes it so much easier for a centre forward to cause problems.”

The pundit’s words have some truth to them but there’s also parts that aren’t necessarily accurate or fair to the United midfielders.

The fact he chose both Ander Herrera and Nemanja Matic is a little unfair on both the players considering the role Jose Mourinho is playing both in.

The Serbian has been a holding midfielder whose main job is to protect the defence, win the ball back and lay it off to a more creative, influential player such as Paul Pogba.

Herrera meanwhile is a little more at fault than Matic is but still is expected by his manager to play the role of winning the ball back and allowing the Red Devils’ forwards to express themselves.

Mourinho doesn’t have any other midfielder that’s similar to Pogba which is perhaps why he was so eager on trying to keep Andreas Pereira at the club.

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