Danny Mills: I’d rather play under Jose Mourinho instead of Jurgen Klopp

by Leo Nieboer

Former Manchester City and England defender Danny Mills has claimed that he’d rather play for Jose Mourinho instead of Jurgen Klopp.

The two managers will go head to head on Saturday in a crucial clash at Old Trafford to determine which side finishes second in the Premier League this season.

They have faced each other three times in the Premier League so far, with each encounter ending in a draw.

And Mills, speaking on Sky Sports, has noted that as a player he would have preferred to play under Mourinho.

“I’d rather play for Mourinho,” he said. “I know he causes a lot of issues but there’s just something about Jose [Mourinho].”

“Maybe not this last season, or his last season at Chelsea but certainly in those early seasons. The way he managed people back then, the way he dealt with things and the way he’s tactically astute, happy to make changes, backs his players.

“He’s probably more defensive which would’ve suited me. But there’s just something about Jose, I know he bigs himself up as the ‘Special One’, we’ve been through all of that rigmarole several times.”

“It’s personal preference – I know a little bit more about Mourinho than I do about Klopp and how he goes about things. I’m sure Jurgen Klopp is a fantastic manager and if he likes you, you have all of that enthusiasm.

“But if it was a personal preference I’d still go with Mourinho.”

Every player has slightly different preferences, different goals they want to achieve. Some have fame in their sights; some want to win trophies. Some, like Paul Scholes, just focused on getting picked for the next game.

There are many who would see Klopp as the perfect manager: a warm, ebullient figure, hellbent on aggressive pressing and even more aggressive attacking football.

But there are some players – Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Michael Essien, Nemanja Matic are all solid examples – who want more than free flowing football overseen by a smiling face. They want trophies. They want to win, win and win again, always striving for more.

And that type of player will always, always choose Mourinho over Klopp.

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