Arsene Wenger reveals he still receives messages of support from Sir Alex Ferguson

by Leo Nieboer

Arsene Wenger has revealed how Sir Alex Ferguson continues to send him messages of support following poor results for Arsenal.

The Frenchman has been recently met with another wave of calls for him to be dismissed following consecutive 3-0 defeats to Manchester City and yet another Premier League defeat – this time at Brighton and Hove Albion.

Arsenal’s shock 2-0 win over AC Milan at the San Siro relaxed the pressure on his team but you can be sure that more comical results lie just around the corner.

And Wenger, speaking soon after his side’s Europa League win, noted that the former Man United boss still remains in touch with him.

They say that greatness recognises greatness and this is a prime example of that notion, although we should never, ever compare what Wenger has managed at Arsenal with what Ferguson did in his 26 years at United

Arsenal is a club that has somehow subsisted on its own self-perpetuating fury at the same things going wrong every year for some time now, spiralling out of control in an identical way each season and losing its ability to be taken seriously as a result. Any sane football follower can see that a change is needed in the summer.

But that shouldn’t tarnish the unique work Wenger has done during his time at the club. He arrived at a time when the booze and cigarettes culture was rife and wiped the slate clean, constructed a series of truly special teams, helped Arsenal transition to a new stadium and, apart from these last two seasons, has kept them in the top four consistently, alongside bringing two FA Cups to the club even during a period of marked regression.

Those on Arsenal Fan TV and social media do not appreciate that. But Ferguson – a man who understands what it takes to achieve at this level better than anyone – certainly does. And that, I think, says something in itself.

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