Paul Ince criticises Manchester United’s home fans after loss to Sevilla

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United man Paul Ince has criticised the club’s home fans after the loss to Sevilla in the Champions League knockout stages.

Jose Mourinho’s players hosted the Spanish side at Old Trafford with expectations on them to cruise through the fixture with relative ease.

Instead, United found themselves on the losing side after a performance that can only be described as embarrassing on all fronts.

The home supporters were equally embarrassing, rather than vocally support their players the stadium was quiet and not for the lack of numbers.

As tensions rose, fans grew more harsh as they placed even more pressure on their own players, a far cry from the club’s traditionally loud away fans.

According to the Daily Star, Paul said to Paddy Power: “The United players didn’t turn up against Sevilla, they looked disinterested, but the fans were just as bad.

“Yes, they were fantastic for the away game, but not at home. It was the opposite of the Liverpool game on Saturday. There was absolutely no atmosphere – you could hear a pin drop.

“It honestly looked like a reserve game where just one bloke and his dog had turned up. It certainly wasn’t a ‘famous European night at Old Trafford’.

“You go back to some of those Champions League nights of old, and it looks like a totally different club. Not just because of the players, or the way football has changed, but the noise in the stadium too.

“Everyone was vocal and doing everything they could to support the team. People say it’s down to the players to get the fans going, but in my experience, it works both ways.

“Even more importantly, they made Old Trafford a scary place to visit. Looking at how the atmosphere was last night; I don’t think any team will be frightened of going there anymore.”

Ince isn’t the first to criticise the club’s home supporters with Mourinho also calling them out on numerous occasions.

The Portuguese manager has made it a point to praise the away fans whenever possible due to their vocal support and ability to create an atmosphere.

Sadly Old Trafford is incapable of doing the same and the club’s official fan’s group has even called on the board to allow them to make some changes.

Whether the board will respond or whether the changes will even help are yet to be seen but the problem itself is bizarre given how the stadium is packed out week in, week out.

Either way the players have no one to blame but themselves for their 2-1 loss to Sevilla and now only have the FA Cup trophy to chase.

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