Jose Mourinho is special because of his winning mentality, reveals Nemanja Matic

by Harry Robinson

Jose Mourinho’s winning mentality makes him special in comparison to other top managers in football today, Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic has claimed.

The Portuguese has come under some criticism, from many fronts, for his tactics and public words in recent weeks.

Some have vented frustrations at Mourinho’s public criticism of certain individuals in the Man United squad while others were angered by his failure to set up Reds to beat La Liga side Sevilla in the UEFA Champions League round of 16.

Matic, though, who has been one of the club’s most important players this season, hailed his manager.

“[Mourinho] is special because he wants to win always,” Matic said.

“You can see when we lose a game he cannot accept that. Probably that’s why he won more than 20 trophies in his life.”

Matic left defending Premier League champions Chelsea to join United and be reunited with Mourinho, who he worked with at Stamford Bridge in the manager’s second spell at the club.

His admiration for him, therefore, is clear, and only made more so by these quotes.

“It is very difficult to work with him because he always wants more and more. Even if you win the league he wants to win again next season,” Matic continued.

“He is like this and the players need to be ready for that.”

It is the mentality that Mourinho is attempting to instil at United, and one which is arguably responsible for his public criticism of players who he likely believes are not subscribing to such a mindset.

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