Paul Scholes: Luke Shaw needs to leave Manchester United in the summer

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Scholes believes Jose Mourinho and Luke Shaw‘s relationship at Manchester United was doomed from the very start.

The Englishman was hooked off at half time against Brighton and Hove Albion over the weekend and publicly criticised by his boss for failing to defend properly.

This is not the first time Mourinho has singled out Shaw, who now has his heart set on leaving the club after growing exasperated with his boss, according to the BBC’s Simon Stone.

And Scholes, speaking on BT Sport, noted that the boss will always see faults in the 22-year-old’s performances.

“I think sometimes, managers get in their head that there’s a player not for them,” he said.

“For me I think he could be brilliant but his manager will still find something wrong with him. It is disappointing because when Luke Shaw came you thought what a player that is and he could be the best.

“It’s a relationship that come the summer will end. It keeps going on and on but he isn’t playing games.

“He’s just not played many games, just his body shape, he looks like needs to play games. Unfortunately he hasn’t impressed the manager enough.”

Funny how we’re not speaking about Sevilla anymore, isn’t it?

Since the Liverpool game we have seen the very best and worst of Mourinho. This is probably the most ‘Mourinho’ he has been since moving to Old Trafford. The Mourinho is oozing out of him like black ink, seeping into every crevice of the footballing world.

The man is on a warpath, launching attacks at players, former managers, journalists, and basically anything he considers to be an enemy – which is pretty much everything at this moment in time.

Needless to say, this Shaw has been caught in the crossfire of this latest episode of paranoia, and this time around the Englishman has had enough. Even his teammates have expressed their shock and anger at the way their manager has treated him.

You cannot help but wonder whether Mourinho, just like he has done in the past, is spiralling into a toxic solipsistic managerial nightmare that will inevitably start to have negative implications on his side.

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