Jose Mourinho: I understand the frustration but I think we’re in a good position

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has claimed that he understand fans’ frustrations with the club’s season so far but has reiterated his belief that they’re in a good position.

The Portuguese boss has come in for heavy criticism of late, not only for his man management of Luke Shaw and Paul Pogba but also due to the club’s loss to Sevilla in the Champions League.

United weren’t expected to go all the way in Europe’s elite competition but the Spanish side were supposed to represent relatively easy opponents.

After a disappointing 0-0 result away from home, Mourinho’s men suffered a loss at Old Trafford in front of their own supporters with the players hardly putting up a fight.

The Red Devils now realistically only have second place to fight for in the Premier League as well as the FA Cup to conclude a roller coaster season.

According to the Express, Jose said to CNN: “I understand the frustration, I understand the sadness of being knocked out in the Champions League, but I don’t understand anything more than that.

“In the history of football all around the world, not just in England, you had the biggest clubs with the moments of transition, you have the biggest clubs with moments of continuous and permanent victories and these are phases in the club.

“And I think really at this moment in the Premier League we have one team, one club clearly better prepared than us in the past few years to be first and we have 18 clubs behind us. One in front of us, 18 behind us.

“Of course in the future we want to have 19 clubs behind us but this is the reality. And the reality is for people with brain, with sense, with common sense, with knowledge of what sports is, we are in a moment of transition.

“Being in a moment of transition and still manage to do what we did last season and win trophies and to do what we are trying to do this season, which is still trying to win a trophy, and try to be second, because in this moment it’s the only top position that is possible for us to get.

“I think we are in a good position.”

Most Manchester United fans would’ve potentially signed a document stating their club would win the FA Cup and gotten second place in the Premier League at the start of the season.

However, expectations changed when Jose Mourinho’s men started the campaign brightly, going head to head with Manchester City and blowing away sides with 4-0 goal margins.

United were soon brought back down to Earth and have since had to readjust their expectations for the season as it went on multiple times.

It’s for that reason that supporters have continuously grown frustrated and while some sections believe Mourinho is to blame for it all, a lot have recognised that some of the players are just not up to par.

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