Manchester United give statement in response to demands for women’s team

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United have released a response to demands outlined at a fan’s forum for the introduction of a women’s team, noting that the idea remains under review.

Premier League sides such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, West Ham United, Crystal Palace and Arsenal all have teams which compete in the Women’s Super League.

Man United, however, have never even entertained the prospect of having a women’s team of their own, despite clubs like Yeovil Town and Crewe Alexandra having one.

The issue was brought up at a recent fan’s forum and the club has produced a statement in response.

“This remains under review at a high level at the club and isn’t something that can happen overnight; a number of factors need to be considered such as staffing, facilities etc. – we will provide full update in the next meeting,” the statement read.

Put simply, this statement reads like a typical bureaucratic fudge. “Under review”, “can’t happen overnight”, “we’ll get back to you”. Empty words but, hey, at least they’re talking about it, right?

Jokes aside, the fact that a club of United’s worldwide reach and influence does not have a women’s team is a depressing notion. Just think for a moment about how the women’s game, which is gaining more traction year upon year, would explode on an international level if United had a team of their own.

And if Iraq can have their own women’s league, I’m pretty sure United can easily overcome the problems of “staffing” and “facilities” to have their own side.

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