Video: David de Gea makes stunning diving save for Spain in friendly against Germany

by Leo Nieboer

David de Gea pulled off a truly magnificent save for Spain during their 1-1 draw with Germany in Dusseldorf on Friday night.

The Spaniard was unable to stop a pin-point Thomas Muller strike in the first half to cancel out Rodrigo’s opening goal.

But he was not to be beaten for a second time from an even more ferocious curling Julian Draxler strike heading for the top right hand corner, superbly tipping the ball over the bar.

Here is a video of De Gea once again showing why he is widely regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world.

Just imagine for a second you were in De Gea’s shoes here. Obviously, the shot is too quick for you to even process what has happened before it slams into the next, so imagine you had the advantage of knowing where the ball was going. Say you’re wearing some special goggles which can show you the trajectory of the shot long before it has left Draxler’s boot.

The drive would easily take your hand off – clean off, flying limply into the stands, breaking into little shards, never to be seen again.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating. But the point is that we often fail to appreciate just how extraterrestrial these keepers are when it comes to getting their hand to these strikes and having the strength to push them away. The reactionary skills required are mind-boggling.

And nobody is better than it than Man United’s No.1.

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