Christophe Dugarry slams Paul Pogba for jokey interview with Antoine Griezmann

by Leo Nieboer

Former Chelsea and France forward Christophe Duggary has slammed Paul Pogba for conducting a light hearted interview with teammate and good friend Antoine Griezmann.

Pogba, in a show he is calling ‘Pogmundial’, interviewed the Atletico Madrid superstar, who once again reiterated his desire to play with the midfielder at club level.

Just a couple of days before, Pogba spent the first 70 minutes on the bench as France surrendered a 2-0 lead to suffer defeat to Colombia in Paris.

And Duggary has slammed Pogba for showing such a lackadaisical attitude amid a difficult patch of form for Manchester United.

“They are not serious. Pogba and Griezmann are leaders,” he said.

“They are considered big players, and they are held up as an example. And yet, when you lose, you sign a contract with Canal to sell these stupidities.

“You are not starting for Manchester United, you just lost a game with the France national team. You send out this program that doesn’t make sense. You have just lost. That tells us that you’re not concentrating.

“Things aren’t going well for you and you make us your ‘Pogseries.’ What kind of madness is that? You just lost 2-3 against the Colombians and you were missing for an hour.”

Just imagine for a second that the commentariat had their way with Pogba: no more haircuts, no more social media, no more dancing or handshakes. Give the man some black boots and don’t put him in the starting XI unless he stops bringing out fancy skills and starts making some proper runs.

Would this really make him a better player? Would this really produce good? In my view, this would make him miserable. More notably, however, this socially conservative approach to Pogba’s conduct is surely not too different to the tactically conservative measures placed upon him by Mourinho – a man repeatedly criticised by people like Duggary for doing so.

It seems like some people want Pogba the person to stop expressing himself whilst Pogba the player shows more attacking intent. What if – what if, right – the two were actually linked, and that, perhaps, letting the Frenchman do what he wants without being met with rancour would help him on the pitch too.

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