David May: Paul Pogba’s off-field antics could “get in his way” at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United treble winner David May believes Paul Pogba’s off-field antics could “get in his way” of progressing under Jose Mourinho.

The midfielder has endured a difficult time of late at Old Trafford, making just four starts from his last 11 games.

Former France and Chelsea forward Christophe Dugarry recently slammed Pogba for recording a light hearted interview – titled ‘Pogmundial’ – with Antoine Griezmann just a couple of days after a 3-2 defeat to Colombia.

And May believes that the 25-year-old off-field antics are hampering his progression at Man United.

“At times Pogba is a frightening player and on his day he’s unplayable,” he said. “I just don’t know if the off-field stuff gets in his way, his antics of getting his hair coloured every other day.

“Jose is trying to play him in his right position to get the best out of him and maybe he needs another holding midfielder to say ‘right go on then, you go off and express yourself’.

“I do think that playing on the left side of a three is his best position and from there came his best performance which was at Everton away.”

To hit out at Pogba for his off-field antics presupposes that players of the past – those of May’s generation – did not get up to any of these off-field antics as well. Never went to a club, never got up to some nonsense with friends, never did anything aside from train, eat, sleep, train.

And this is nonsense.

The only difference is that Pogba’s generation now has the capacity to record everything they do, give the thing some background music and generally edit it in whatever way they wish. Had iPhones and emojis and snapchat been around during May’s time, those players would do the same.

For better or worse, life has evolved. And those who moan at Pogba for posting light-hearted content on his social media find it difficult – or simply refuse – to accept that notion.

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