Michael Carrick reacts to his new coaching role at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United favourite Michael Carrick was involved with the club’s win over Swansea on Saturday but only in a coaching capacity.

The Englishman wasn’t selected in the club’s starting XI and was seen on the bench but sitting separately from the other players.

Jose Mourinho confirmed that Carrick was officially at Old Trafford as a coach as he transitions into what could be his new role next season.

The veteran has confirmed his plans to retire once the season concludes and the Portuguese manager has offered him a place among the coaching staff.

Michael appears have accepted given his new role vs Swansea and opened up to supporters on how it felt to be on the bench in a different role.

Michael Carrick‘s willingness to become a coach will certainly please fans even though they are unhappy to see him retire from football.

The talented midfielder’s composure and passing ability will surely be missed but supporters will be happy to see his experience will be passed on in a different way.

Keeping someone who knows everything there is to know about United’s history and traditions is definitely important to fans and it’s good to see the board as well as Mourinho feel the same way.

Perhaps Carrick can consider moving into management if he feels the need to but supporters will be satisfied knowing he’s still involved with the club in some capacity.

The truth is that most fans would prefer seeing Ryan Giggs take over the job from Jose should he decide to leave int he near future.

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