Antonio Valencia: I’m very proud to wear the Manchester United shirt and captain’s armband

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Antonio Valencia has insisted he’s proud to wear the shirt and captain’s armband ahead of the derby match against Manchester City.

Michael Carrick is actually the club’s official captain but due to his struggles with injury this season the Ecuadorian has filled in plenty of times.

Chris Smalling and Paul Pogba have had turns as well but Valencia has normally worn the armband when he’s fit and in the starting XI.

United have been criticised for their lack of leadership and there’s some truth to that with no one truly standing out.

At a time where some of the player’s mentalities and attitudes have been questioned, Antonio makes it clear how he feels about his current club.

Antonio Valencia‘s always been a physically fit player throughout his career and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him extend his career even further.

At the age of 32 he’s shown little to no sign of slowing down and although he turns 33 in the summer, it’s unlikely Jose Mourinho will look to move him in.

Valencia’s career at the Red Devils looked set to end previously but he managed to successfully turn himself into a right-back in order to excel once more.

His best season as a defender came under Mourinho’s first season in charge with the manager praising him and claiming he was the best right-back in the league.

Antonio’s form has proven to be a little different this campaign but he’s certainly still a solid defender to say the least.

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