Ander Herrera denies deliberately spitting on the Manchester City badge during derby victory

by Leo Nieboer

Ander Herrera has denied intentionally spitting on the Manchester City badge as he walked down the tunnel at half time of Manchester United’s 3-2 win at the Ethiad.

The Spaniard had been the only player to demonstrate some fighting endeavour in an otherwise tumultuous first half for the hosts.

As Herrera walked down the tunnel at half time, he directed a mouthful of spit towards the Man City crest on the floor, prompting a joyous reaction from Man United supporters when the video was spread on Sunday afternoon.

In response, a spokesman has emphasised that Herrera, described as “mortified” at the allegations, did not deliberately spit on the badge

“Ander has seen footage of the incident and is mortified at any suggestion his actions were deliberate,” the statement read.

“It was entirely accidental and there was no intent whatsoever.”

It is probably true that Herrera did not intentionally spit at the badge. His mind would’ve no doubt been elsewhere and the sight of footballers spitting, we should remember, is about as common in the game as throw ins.

Having said that, if you were to ask me which United player would be most likely to spit directly on the badge of United’s neighbours, Herrera would be the man. You could see in his post match interview a measure of anger at the way Pep Guardiola’s side had been built up during the week while United played the sideshow role.

Whether the action was intentional or not, it perfectly mirrored what United did to City on a day that everybody thought would result in the blue side of Manchester partying into the night.

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