Patrice Evra congratulates Paul Pogba on sensational derby performance

by Leo Nieboer

Patrice Evra congratulated Paul Pogba on Instagram following the midfielder’s game-changing second half display against Manchester City.

The Frenchman endured a frustrating first half as the hosts, who would win the title against Manchester United with a victory, went 2-0 up through goals from Vincent Kompany and Ilkay Gundogan.

But Pogba led one of the greatest resurgences in living memory in the second half, fearlessly hauling Man United up the pitch and netting two goals in the space of 97 seconds, with Chris Smalling netting the winner.

And Evra, also known as Mr I Love This Game, was quick to hail his fellow countryman for what was a galvanising display.

The commentariat will lead you to believe that Pogba has hardly ever played well for United. And this is just not true. The Frenchman, from the 2-0 win over Southampton last season to the 2-1 win over Chelsea in February, has produced many good performances.

What he hasn’t done enough, however, is truly grab a big game by the scruff of its neck – turning the momentum of a crucial encounter in his team’s favour through force of will and mazy skill on the ball.

And that, above anything, is why yesterday’s performance – the fight, the execution, the character, the commitment – was so significant.

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