Gary Neville rubbishes talk of Marcus Rashford wanting to leave Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Gary Neville has rubbished talk of Marcus Rashford wanting to leave Manchester United in the summer.

The Englishman enjoyed a healthy run of games at the start of the season but has only made four starts since the turn of the year.

Jim White claimed on Tuesday that the 20-year-old had become disillusioned with his recent lack of playing time and seek a move elsewhere.

And Neville, in response, has ridiculed the prospect of Rashford wanting to leave the club over the transfer window.

“How can Marcus Rashford leave Manchester United ? How can Manchester United let him leave? It’s impossible,” he said.

“People saying he should leave are talking nonsense, it’s rubbish. The kid has been brilliant for 18 months. He’s having a period out of the team at the moment which happens to every young winger or forward that comes in to the team.

“That’s happened to every player I have seen, they dip in and out of the team and they have periods where they don’t play. It’s not because they’re out of favour.

“Rashford will be a United player for many years to come, and if he’s not then that will be a big disappointment with the talent he has got.”

If there is even a small part of you that thinks this rumour is true, stamp it out right away. White has quite the reputation for coming out with tenuous stories designed to rattle active online fanbase and this is just another one.

The source behind this story? Micky Quinn mentioned it on the radio, the Mirror ran a story on it, White tweeted it as news. In other words: utterly baseless.

Rashford is living the dream at United, has more goals than last season, and played more minutes than anyone last year. Only three attacking players – Romelu Lukaku, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard – have more minutes than him this term. He is not going anywhere.

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