Juan Mata helps Manchester United kit staff with washing after games – report

by Leo Nieboer

Juan Mata has taken it upon himself to help Manchester United’s kit staff with unloading dirty kit from the team’s coach after games.

The Spaniard is well known for his unwavering generosity and humanity, always stopping to speak with fans, take photos and sign autographs after games.

He has most notably headed the Common Goal project, which encourages footballers to donate 1% of their salary to help provide opportunities in sport and other walks of life for disadvantaged children all around the world.

And a club source has told the Sun that Mata, in an act of pure kindness that is not surprising, has started to help staff unload dirty kit and boots from the team coach after away games.

“Juan is a special guy – he has started to help the kit man and his staff over the last couple of months,” he said.

“It sums up what kind of person he is. While his team-mates just jump into their flashy motors and zoom off after being dropped off back after away games, Juan has taken it on himself to stay behind and give a helping hand to the ordinary staff. It’s a huge job to unload all the gear off the coach and takes a good while.

“People have been saying what a great gesture it is but to be honest it’s just typical of the man – we are saying he has to be the nicest man in football!”

We should always be sceptical of stories coming from this particular newspaper, and one cannot help but feel suspicious about the unnecessary mention of the ‘flashy motors’ of players, but at the same time this is the most Juan Mata thing ever.

We live in a world which has a culture of taking things. Acquisition. To give, therefore, is what separates people from the rest – the defining quality of a good soul. And this is hardwired into Mata’s system: giving the perfect pass to teammates, giving young supporters time to take photos with him, giving disadvantaged children all over the world a better chance, giving that warm, utterly pure smile of his.

There is absolutely no doubt that Mata is the nicest person in football; he is, moreover, one of the nicest people in the public eye, and the United changing room will be a hollower place when he goes.


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