Jose Mourinho: Manchester United don’t always get the respect we deserve

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has lamented the lack of respect his players get despite putting in good performances throughout the season.

The Portuguese boss is set to go head to head with West Brom in search for all three points in order to keep up the pace as well as deny Manchester City a title victory.

United are currently in second place and should they lose to the Baggies then they will hand their fierce rivals the Premier League crown.

Mourinho though wasn’t concerned with that and instead focussed on why his team don’t get the respect they deserve after winning crucial clashes.

His comments come on the back of the Red Devils remarkable comeback win over City last weekend where they overturned a 2-0 lead to secure victory with a 3-2 result.

According to 101 Great Goals, Jose said: “We don’t always get the respect we deserve. When we don’t play well people have a go at us, which I understand.

“I never complained, for example, about the criticism we got after the second match against Sevilla. If you don’t play well you can’t expect praise.

“Yet even when we do play well there is always a ‘but’. It seems really hard for people to praise the team and to praise the boys. This is a team that has showed character many times.

“A team that came from 2-0 down to win its last match. We already have more points than we finished on last season and we have beaten everyone else in the league.

“I would like people to be a little more honest when we do something positive. If people tell the truth when we play bad they should do the same when we get things right.”

Liverpool, who are currently in third place are a single point behind Manchester United but Jose Mourinho’s team have two games in hand with West Brom being one of those games.

As great as an advantage the games in hand are, fans can’t consider them as victories until that actually is the case, starting today afternoon.

The Baggies are hoping to avoid relegation and are expected to put up a fight but United are still favourites for the match with some even predicting a big scoreline.

It’s been a while since Mourinho’s men blew teams away but there certainly is an opportunity to do so against the struggling away side who’ve looked short of confidence.

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