Thierry Henry slams Manchester United’s lack of consistency following defeat to West Bromwich Albion

by Leo Nieboer

Thierry Henry has hit out at Manchester United for their lack of consistency following a pitiful 0-1 defeat at the hands of West Bromwich Albion.

Jose Mourinho’s men were in high spirits heading into the game but made a ponderous, lethargic start against the bottom side.

The injection of Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard sped things up slightly but the hosts, somewhat predictably, conceded a sloppy goal from a set piece and the neurosis set in, leaving Old Trafford to watch as their team hopelessly scrambled for the last 15 minutes.

And Henry, speaking on Sky Sports after the game, pointed out the weird atmosphere at Old Trafford and noted that United simply lacked the necessary consistency.

United beat Liverpool and lost to Sevilla the very next game; United beat City and then, once again, fell apart the next game.

This is not a coincidence.

There is unquestionable talent and resolve in this team, yet there is also a nagging sense of doubt and inertia that can permeate these players. This was once again an example of United, under Mourinho, needing to take the initiative going forward – to pin the visitors back and create early inroads – and miserably failing to do so.

No attacking variation, no speed, no semblance of an idea, no patience going forward. This was cluelessness of the highest order, and you cannot help but feel as if this mainly stems from a manager who just doesn’t trust his players to go forward.

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