Garth Crooks: Paul Pogba must turn up for games consistently

by Marwan Harraz

Garth Crooks has called on Paul Pogba to become more consistent and revealed what he must do in order to turn up for games more often.

The Frenchman has been heavily criticised all season for his form and Jose Mourinho has even admitted his frustrations publicly.

The Portuguese manager claimed he doesn’t expect his player to score a bunch of goals and grab a handful of assists every match but did expect the basics to be done.

Mourinho’s main irritation with Pogba has actually been the lack of tactical awareness, specifically in the defensive third.

Crooks thinks things are a little more simple and doesn’t focus on the tactical aspect of the former Juventus man’s inconsistencies.

According to the Express, Garth said: “When Paul Pogba actually turns up for a game, he’s not a bad player. I also get the feeling the bigger the game, the more he seems up for it.

“That was a point United manager Jose Mourinho was making last week after their debacle against West Bromwich Albion. Against Spurs, however, Pogba was the player on the pitch who saw the pass – and was not afraid to play it.

“The cross for Alexis Sanchez to score was superb. The France international went on to put scoring opportunities on a plate for Romelu Lukaku and Jesse Lingard, although neither were equal to them.

“It’s all very well turning up for the big games but what Pogba has to realise is that in order to get to the big games, you have to win the less attractive fixtures first.”

What the pundit says does make sense but it’s obviously easier said than done and he’s also a little dismissive of Paul.

The academy product doesn’t exclusively turn up for big games and disappoint in the smaller ones, he’s simply showing inconsistencies.

There’s also the matter that all players raise their game in big matches as they’re more fired up and want to prove their worth; it’s simply something that’s natural.

Having said that, Paul Pogba will have to show he can consistently perform, otherwise Jose Mourinho will have to build his side around someone more reliable.

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