Jose Mourinho: I never had a personal issue with Paul Pogba

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has insisted he never had personal issues with Paul Pogba after reports claimed the pair clashed.

It was said the two couldn’t see eye to eye anymore and the Frenchman was on his way out with PSG and Real Madrid both interested.

It’s since become apparent that there hasn’t been a breakdown in their relationship and Pogba’s form has improved albeit it’s still a little inconsistent.

Mourinho was told by every pundit, newspaper and former footballer to not take on the former Juventus man as it could spell the end of his tenure but it turns out there’s no truth to what was being said.

Paul even responded to the rumours by pointing to the club’s badge and asking fans to not listen to what is going on in the media.

Jose’s choice of words is rather interesting considering how he chose to point out that there’s no ‘personal’ issue and not no issues at all.

It could mean that the Portuguese manager is unhappy with Paul Pogba in a tactical aspect or even a mental aspect as some suspected.

Tactically it could be his lack of defensive awareness and mentally it could be his inconsistent form that has displeased the former Real Madrid boss.

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