Emmanuel Petit regrets not signing for Manchester United

by Alex Turk

Arsenal great Emmanuel Petit has admitted that he regrets opting to return to London instead of signing for Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson showed interest in 2001.

Petit first played in England between 1997 and 2000 and enjoyed success with Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal before spending a year at Barcelona and then signing for Chelsea in a £7.5m deal until his retirement in 2004.

His spell at Stamford Bridge didn’t go to plan and now the Frenchman has been publicly pondering what could have been seventeen years ago if he decided to move to Manchester rather than down south.

While taking part in an ‘Ask me anything’ thread on Reddit, Petit mentioned: “Yes, I could have played for Manchester United. I really regret not doing that now, I could’ve played with Giggs, Scholes etcetera. Some amazing players.”

Petit also admitted that United legend Paul Scholes was the toughest opponent in his career, however, said that he is a fan of Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, who have been United’s closest challengers for 2nd place in the Premier League this season.

He added: “But I have a crush on Liverpool – especially right now. I love Klopp and would love to play under him.”

It’s doubtful Petit regrets the time he spent at Highbury with Arsenal, but it’d be interesting to see how he would’ve done alongside “amazing” players like Ryan Giggs and Scholes all those years ago.

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