Jose Mourinho insists he’s the best manager he’s ever been due to experience

by Harry Robinson

Jose Mourinho has insisted he is a far better manager at Manchester United than he has been at any other club.

The Portuguese believes his experience of over a decade at top-level football means there has never been a better version of Jose Mourinho than right now.

His comments come in a season where many have questioned whether Mourinho is still a relevancy in football, whether his tactics and methods are dated.

With Man United second in the Premier League and in the FA Cup final, having won both the UEFA Europa League and EFL Cup last year, Mourinho is adamant that is not the case.

“Am I a better manager than 10 years ago? Yes, in every way,” Mourinho said.

“From the motivational point of view, I am the same, nothing has changed.

“My passion for the job is the same and my sense of responsibility, emotional control is better. Obviously I am much more mature.”

Mourinho said he now has experience of every situation, and that the only challenge for a manager like him, having done it with the big boys before, is to maintain the same motivation and passion for the game.

“At every level, training, matches, relations with players, it feels like everything is deja vu,” the United boss continued. “It is a job where the more experience you have, the better you are. You just have to keep this motivational level.”

“I’m very consistent and focused. Sometimes when I see some kids are a little bit up and down, I feel quite frustrated, that’s why I don’t forget points we’ve lost against Newcastle, Huddersfield, Stoke, West Brom. That’s due to the mental inconsistency.”

“What matters isn’t my relation with the press or the way I present myself in press conferences, or the way I fight or don’t fight with people on the touchline or the media.

“It’s about my day by day, the way I want to do things. I’m better than before.”

Even many United fans have questioned whether Mourinho is still the same manager as he was while winning the treble at Inter Milan or moulding one of the finest Premier League sides ever with Chelsea in the mid-2000s.

There is certainly change in his manner. The cheeky Mourinho who called himself the “Special One” has maintained such arrogance but the cheeky flirtations with the media are now far rarer.

A winner of trophies, though, is still what Mourinho is. An FA Cup at the end of this campaign, and his phenomenal record of winning will continue.

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