Manchester United players struggling to cope with Jose Mourinho’s critical approach – report

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United players are struggling to cope with Jose Mourinho’s critical approach towards particular individuals this season, according to reports.

The manager has entered a series of tirades following meek performances over the second half of the campaign, hitting out at Luke Shaw in particular along with the general attitude of his team at times.

Mourinho’s most recent outburst came following defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion last week, during which the manager slammed the fringe players he had given a chance to impress.

And according to ESPN‘s Mark Ogden, some Man United players are growing frustrated with Mourinho’s habit of criticising individuals, describing his style of management as “all iron fist without velvet glove.”

Sir Alex Ferguson was notoriously critical of his players, often publicly and more often than not loudly and in their faces, but it had the desired effect. Owen Hargreaves recently recounted how the Scot told his players ahead of pre-season that there was an envelope of players he believed would let him down over the next year. Everybody from that moment on would have been stretching every single sinew.

Mourinho, however, is a different kind of character: less gregarious, more pensive, surly to the point of insular, an eternal storm raging inside his head. Fergie, on the other hand, was the storm.

The Portuguese has admitted before that he struggles to see the point of view of others, especially those belonging more to the ‘millennial’ generation, and this can often prove to be grating. The standards Mourinho holds are remarkably high, just like it was with Fergie, and the way he inculcates those standards to players has to be more flexible, otherwise the prospect of a fallout next season is very real.

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