Michael Carrick: Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson means a lot to me

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United’s Michael Carrick has paid tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson and revealed how devastated he was when he heard the news.

The footballing world was shocked to its core when news surfaced of the Scottish legend’s unfortunate health deterioration in the form of a brain haemorrhage.

Sir Alex was taken to the emergency room where brain surgery was necessary but the battle for good health isn’t just over yet.

Recovery is currently underway though the surgery did go well there’s no real way of knowing just yet how he will respond to it all.

Carrick played under Ferguson for several years and not only hailed him but also revealed how it all unravelled in the player’s eyes.

According to the club’s official website, Michael said: “I was devastated. I got a text on Saturday evening and I couldn’t quite believe it. It didn’t really sink in. I was just devastated.

“It’s one of them where you start hearing different things which is quite dangerous and quite disturbing. I just stayed calm and spoke to a few people at the club to get a bit of a rundown on how he was doing.

“The whole world showed their support and I was just concerned about him, as an ex-manager and a friend – as he was to everyone. It was the effect he had on everyone. He means a lot to me, as he does to this club.

“It was a tough night on Saturday and we were waiting for some positive news. We were all praying for him and thinking of him, Cathy and the family.

“It’s a tough time for everyone but I’m thinking positive and hoping he will pull through.”

Michael Carrick is the latest in the footballing world to pay tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson and was one of the lucky players to have been led by him.

The Englishman may have been underrated by everyone for much of his career but it was the United legend who first truly saw his worth.

Sir Alex is known for his never say die attitude and many, including Carrick, hope that will help him pull through in this difficult time.

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