Paul Pogba: We would have been fighting Manchester City with the right mentality

by Marwan Harraz

Paul Pogba has revealed that he believes Manchester United could’ve been challenging Manchester City for the title had they had the right mentality all season.

The Frenchman is echoing his manager’s beliefs that the squad’s mentality is often flimsy and that fans never know which side of the team are going to show up for the match.

The mentality of the squad is not better summed up than by the fact that United have beaten all ‘top six’ sides including City this season but have also lost to all three newly promoted teams.

Jose Mourinho’s men have been outrageously good at times and disgustingly poor at other times in a campaign that has been marred by inconsistencies.

Ironically enough, Pogba has also been accused of being inconsistent this season though he at least has the excuse of the bad injury he suffered earlier.

According to Manchester Evening News, Paul said: “It was all mental – it just came back in the second half. Everyone with the mentality like beasts.

“If you have that mentality all season we would have been fighting and top with Man City for sure. It is good when the manager believes in you and the players.

“When you see and hear that you want to give the best for the manager and the team.”

Supporters will be keen to see their players show more consistency next season as that’s all that’s truly needed to win the title.

The Red Devils boast a talented squad despite there being bits and pieces of deadwood around and they should have put together a better challenge this season rather than let their rivals win it so easily.

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