Gary Neville: It wasn’t always rosy for Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United icon Gary Neville has defended Jose Mourinho from the turgid football criticism by claiming it wasn’t always rosy under Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign either.

The Portuguese manager has won the Europa League and Carabao Cup in his first season and could potentially win the FA Cup in his second but his critics remain.

The main point that’s used against Mourinho is that his team have failed to play the attacking, free-flowing football the fans were used to seeing.

Neville was a huge part of that ‘attacking, free-flowing football’ period and believes that people forget what Sir Alex’s sides were sometimes like.

In the same manner many people, even some supporters forget how Jose’s team started the season as they blew away their opposition with 4-0 score-lines.

According to The 42, Gary said: “Under David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho it’s been suggested the football is not very good.

“And every game that goes by Sir Alex Ferguson’s football gets better and better because you forget the bad games, the 1-0s, the horrible defeats.

“I think we’ve become a bit idealistic about what the football was at times under Sir Alex. I was there for a large part of it, 21 years, and saw every game.

“Yes, it was mesmerising at times, but from 2003 to 2006 it wasn’t good. I played in that team, it wasn’t good. We weren’t playing at a high level. We were pretty average.

“So you think about this three-year period or so now and what are you measuring against? Sir Alex’s 1999 or the 2003-2006 period when the football was pretty poor and Jose Mourinho was at Chelsea and destroying us?”

It appears as though Gary Neville is hinting that the ‘terrible’ football critics have seen from Jose Mourinho’s side may change soon in the same way it did with Sir Alex Ferguson.

The legendary Scotsman rebuilt sides time and time again but there were always periods of transition which is what the pundit mentioned.

Many Manchester United fans hope that it is simply a period of transition and that things can kick off next season but first their attention’s on the FA Cup final.

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