Frank Lampard: Paul Pogba is wrecking Jose Mourinho’s head at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Frank Lampard has noted that Paul Pogba’s mercurial nature must “wreck” Jose Mourinho’s head at Manchester United.

The Frenchman has struggled for precision and tempo at times this season, prompting Mourinho to relegate him to the bench throughout February and March.

But he has also set the pitch alight on a number of occasions with spellbinding midfield displays – most recently against Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

Lampard, speaking at an event, admitted that Pogba had more natural ability than he had but expressed frustration at his inability to turn it on more often.

“I don’t know what Pogba is,” he said. “He makes bad decisions but then does fantastic things which must wreck Jose’s head.”

“Mourinho tried to embarrass him out of it and I worry Pogba did not get it.
Pogba is naturally more talented than I was, he would run all over me and has better feet, but there’s no point dribbling in your own half.

“All that ‘flick and roll of the studs’, I’m not an advocate of that. A lot of young players see it on YouTube and think it’s amazing but I don’t like it.

“He has delved to that side too much. His numbers are not good enough, he progressed at Juve but there’s another progression he has to do.

“He should be getting 15 goals a season and dominating games, because he has everything.”

This is not, I don’t think, an unfair surmising of Pogba as a player from Lampard, who clearly recognises the raw ability of the Frenchman as well as his occasionally ponderous nature.

Many pundits have discussed his persona, the abhorrent person they think he represents with his haircuts and dance moves and love for life, but the crux of the Pogba issue lies on the pitch, and specifically the relationship he has with the tempo of their attacking play.

When the heat is on and push comes to shove, such as that rampant second half against Man City or that efficient performance against a dominant Arsenal, Pogba comes alive, and his abilities are clear. When the occasion feels more vague, more directionless, his tempo drops and his teammates follow suit.

Mourinho’s task for next season, above almost anything, will be to ensure that he instills that speed of play in his team on a regular basis.

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