Ashley Young: On a different day Manchester United would’ve won FA Cup final

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Ashley Young insists that on another day the club would’ve beaten Chelsea in order to win the FA Cup having lost 1-0 in the final on Saturday.

Jose Mourinho’s men went head to head with Antonio Conte’s players but came up short with Eden Hazard grabbing the only goal of the game through a penalty scored around the half hour mark.

Phil Jones was the culprit but overall United failed to break down the Blues despite having around an hour’s worth of time to do so and having played well for much of the second half.

Young started in the disappointing loss but of course couldn’t finish off the chances his teammates had for them though he did play decently himself with the London club giving him little to defend.

The Englishman believes that on another day the Red Devils would’ve proven their clinical edge and walked away with the FA Cup trophy, unfortunately that didn’t happen.

According to the club’s official website, Ashley said: “It’s disappointing starting the game like we did and coming away with nothing. You can see how the players reacted after the game; we didn’t feel like we should have lost the game today.

“We didn’t have clear-cut chances, but on a different day there were chances we could have taken and we could have gone on and won the game.

“In the second half they were on the back foot, it was all us, but we couldn’t get the goal and we are disappointed with that. There is excitement that is to come, but right now I am disappointed and it’s going to be hard to shake off.”

For all their dominance, Mourinho’s men have nothing to show for it and have concluded the season trophy-less and despite finishing second there’s a huge feeling of disappointment.

Manchester United have been frustrating all season long as they’re capable of the extraordinary but also susceptible to the bizarrely stupid as well.

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