Should Jose Mourinho sell Manchester United star Luke Shaw?

by Marwan Harraz

The truth is the answer to the question depends on how harsh or lenient one is on Manchester United star Luke Shaw.

The Englishman has struggled to make a long lasting impression since coming to Old Trafford but there’s no doubt he has obvious talent.

Many have tried to dissect why he’s failed to become a regular already but the reasons range from not being given an opportunity to injuries to mentality or fitness issues.

In all honesty it shouldn’t have been this difficult for Shaw to succeed at United given how he had little competition to become the club’s first choice.

Brought in to succeed club icon Patrice Evra, it should’ve been a straightforward path to the starting XI rather than the complicated one it currently seems to be.

Put simply, there’s no way around admitting that the Red Devils are in desperate need of a top left-back this summer window so the question is who plays back-up to whoever’s brought in?

Most would jump at the chance of Luke being the man but how does Jose Mourinho move on one of his most trusted players in Ashley Young instead of the player who’s constantly disappointed him?

The veteran England international doesn’t deserve to be moved on but unfortunately the time has come to make a sacrifice and so it’s one or the other.

Based on merit then Young deserves to stay and Luke Shaw moved on but based on the club’s future and what the latter could bring to the starting XI, the former Southampton man wins.

It’s down to Mourinho how harsh he is in his decision making but he will have to keep in mind that if he does keep the former Watford man then he will have to replace the player relatively soon given the player’s age.

Whereas if Shaw is kept on board then Jose would have a nice balance of a top talent in the left-back spot while the 22 year old keeps the first teamer on his toes and potentially surpassing him.

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