Rio Ferdinand backs “obsessive” winner Cristiano Ronaldo to make decisive impact in Champions League final

by Leo Nieboer

Rio Ferdinand has backed “obsessive” winner Cristiano Ronaldo to ensure Manchester United supporters don’t have to suffer the prospect of seeing Liverpool win the Champions League this evening.

Ronaldo won his first Champions League with Man United in 2008 and has since won three in the space of four years at Los Blancos, scoring the winning penalty in 2016 and netting a brace last year in Cardiff.

United fans worldwide – apart from Roy McIlroy, the massive weirdo – will be praying to see their former No.7 deliver goods in Kiev against Jurgen Klopp’s men.

And Ferdinand, speaking earlier this week, has explained why he was so confident that Ronaldo would once again land the decisive blow in the final.

Jurgen Klopp made the point in a press conference recently that it was funny how the two managers in this year’s final were not, on the whole, regarded as good tacticians.

And while the two obviously do have a measure of tactical nous, that feels like an ancillary quality of both teams, and why they got to the final.

Liverpool, in Klopp’s own words, have gone from doubters to believers. You can feel that pure faith when you watch them on the pitch and see their supporters in full voice in the stands. There is an intangible sense of raw confidence which has swept them to the final.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, believe because they are Real Madrid – the club with 12 Champions League titles, the team regarded as the pinnacle of club football, the kings of Spain and Europe and indeed the world.

And nobody in that side embodies that sense of utter, arrogant belief in their right to victory than Ronaldo. This is his stage, the moment when he truly comes alive. United supporters will pray that the Portuguese – not because of his link to United, but because of who he is – ensures the Champions League final is business as usual for him against Klopp’s team.

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