Michael Carrick: I would like to become a manager

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Michael Carrick has admitted he has interest in becoming a manager having accepted a coaching role for the next season.

The Englishman’s contract runs out in the summer but he will remain at the club in a backroom staff role.

Jose Mourinho has claimed he was delighted to offer Carrick an opportunity to coach the players next season and even hinted at a potential assistant manager role.

While the veteran midfielder is happy to learn his trade, it appears he has bigger ambitions than just becoming an assistant manager.

Mourinho himself has just lost his right hand man in Rui Faria, after it was announced that the 42 year old is departing the club too.

According to the Daily Star, Michael said: “Jose is one of the best and I obviously know the club and manager and will be learning off him, trying to bring the kids through and have an influence on that.

“It makes sense to try to pick people’s brains as much as I can. So I will certainly be doing that. If I get into it and I think I would like to manage, probably at this stage my answer would be ‘yes’.”

Michael Carrick‘s interest in management could see him eventually take over from Jose Mourinho or a future manager to be in charge of the Red Devils.

Fans would absolutely love for that to happen though there’s perhaps a preference for Ryan Giggs to be given a shot first.

The Wales manager decided to leave his boyhood club in search of a managerial role with supporters hoping his experience elsewhere will serve him well at Old Trafford should he ever be given the job.

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