Paul Pogba reiterates love for Manchester United whilst on international duty

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba has delighted Manchester United fans by posting a photo of himself tackling Manchester City full-back Benjamin Mendy to the floor, noting he was a red even on international duty.

The Frenchman has enjoyed a mixed campaign, suffering injury spells and demotions to the bench alongside producing spellbinding displays in big games against Man City, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

He sparked fears among supporters recently by refusing to rule out the prospect of leaving Old Trafford in the summer.

But his latest Instagram story, showing him taking Mendy down with a good old fashion rugby tackle, was a clear indication from the Frenchman that he held United in his heart always.

What we often forget about Pogba is that he chose to come to Old Trafford. Real Madrid were primed and ready to pinch him for a world record fee and the 25-year-old chose to come to United instead. In other words, this is much more than a paycheque for him.

Every United defeat coincides with a rabid attack on Pogba from all angles. And that, if anything, serves as a kind of back handed nod to his importance to the team. He is the instigator, the creator, the nucleus and brain of the team.

United play well when he plays well, and United always falter when Pogba – either due to a lack of options ahead of him or simple mistakes – is unable to make an impact. He is, David de Gea aside, the last player Mourinho can afford to let go.

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