Manchester United fans have mixed feelings over Fred’s injury scare

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have mixed feelings over their new signing Fred’s injury scare with Brazil ahead of the World Cup.

The midfielder was set to play a part with his nation in football’s biggest competition but there are rumours he may not get the chance to.

Initial reports are that he’s in pain but there’s no way to know the extent of the damage until further tests are conducted.

Supporters are split in their reaction to the injury with some believing it would be better for the Brazilian to rest up now so he’s ready for United’s new season.

Others are unhappy that their new addition is already injured and could potentially not get the chance to see him play before arriving at Old Trafford.

Training session injuries happen fairly frequently and it would be ridiculous to think Real Madrid’s Casemiro had any ill intention.

Fred will hopefully still be fine but it would definitely be a huge disappointment if he’s not fit for his nation with the World Cup just a week away.

The South American side should have enough depth in their squad to deal with the injury but the disappointment would be in his inability to build up momentum before coming to United.

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