Edwin Van der Sar: I don’t see David de Gea leaving Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United icon Edwin Van der Sar has predicted that David de Gea won’t be leaving the club as he doesn’t see it happening.

The Dutchman was a top goalkeeper as well when he was at Old Trafford and is still sorely missed to this day by fans.

That’s not to say that supporters don’t love De Gea of course but Van der Sar perhaps has the better memories so far.

The Spaniard hasn’t been involved in as many trophy laden years as the former Ajax man was though the latter did enjoy Sir Alex Ferguson in his peak.

David is arguably the world’s best in his position at the moment but he’s unfortunately at United at a time in their history that they’re going through transition.

According to Sports Lens, Edwin said: “I’m not in the director’s room of United, but he’s done fantastic for the club, so I don’t see a reason why the directors or the manager would see different.”

De Gea has been heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid as rumours were ignited by his agent reporting to have met with the club’s president.

Fans are definitely concerned but are still keeping a distance from the claims as the move is said to be on every summer.

Jose Mourinho has already made his intentions clear by stating that he won’t sell the club’s best players, a category David falls under of course.

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