Graeme Jones: Romelu Lukaku is obsessed with improvement

by Marwan Harraz

Belgium coach Graeme Jones has explained just why Romelu Lukaku is a top player, pointing out his obsessed with improvement as the key reason.

The former Everton man is currently away with his nation for the World Cup in Russia that’s set to begin today.

Belgium have been labelled as the tournaments dark horses and if they are to go far in the competition they will need Lukaku in top form.

Jones obviously works with the striker consistently and believes he’s an elite player despite the criticism he faces from the media.

Even some United fans have lamented some aspects of Romelu’s game such as his first touch though he’s certainly improved on it all throughout the season.

The Red Devils’ fan base surely must’ve noticed how the powerful forward has steadily become a more complete player as the season went on.

Now with Belgium Lukaku has the perfect opportunity to prove his worth on the international stage to truly become an elite striker.

With the likes of Eden Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne playing behind him, he will definitely have the chances necessary to convert.

Hopefully Romelu can conclude the tournament in fine form so that when he he joins back up with the Manchester United squad ahead of the next campaign, he’ll already have some momentum with him.

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