Real Madrid valuation of David de Gea to shock Manchester United fans: report

by Marwan Harraz

Real Madrid are reportedly so confident in securing David de Gea‘s services from Manchester United that they’ve even got a valuation of him already.

Though negotiations are even yet to begin and Jose Mourinho clearly unwilling to sell, the Spanish club already know what’s needed to get things done.

De Gea is widely considered to be the best in the world in his position which is why United are so against even the idea of selling him.

Real have been chasing the Spaniard for several seasons now but have never felt more confident in finally getting him than now.

The keeper’s recent inability to shut down a move back to his home nation has also caused supporters some concerns but perhaps the figure touted is even worse news.

According to Metro, Manchester Evening News reports that Madrid president Florentino Perez has openly discussed making David the world’s first £100m goalkeeper and values him as such.

Whatever figure United receive for the former Atletico Madrid man will spell trouble as all clubs will know they’re desperate to sign a replacement and will know how much is in the bank.

This means that if Mourinho sells, whoever he brings in next will be bought for more than his actual valuation.

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