Fred to Manchester United transfer unfortunately delayed

by Marwan Harraz

Unfortunately for Manchester United fans, Fred’s transfer from Shakhtar Donetsk will be delayed and so the move can’t be confirmed as of yet.

For the confused supporters, the Brazilian hasn’t officially joined the club yet, it was only the transfer fee that was agreed upon.

Although it was understood that Fred’s personal terms are ironed out as well no official announcement has been made as of yet.

Further bad news has been delivered that fans will have to wait before seeing the midfielder in a red shirt posing for official pictures.

Some have speculated the delay is in his work permit while others believe his injury as well as the nation’s involvement in the World Cup has slowed things down.

Despite all the negative news, the positive side to it is that normally once a transfer fee is agreed, a move is imminent.

There’s unlikely to be any serious trouble and instead just small details that need to be sorted out, especially if it is a work permit issue.

If the move wasn’t really on then it’s unlikely the club would’ve announced the news so officially and publicly though the information was probably released to deter any potential suitors still sniffing around.

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