Louis Saha: If Anthony Martial was good he would play

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United man Louis Saha has called on Anthony Martial to take some more responsibility in his quest to get match time at Old Trafford.

The Frenchman’s reportedly unhappy with the minutes he was handed last season by Jose Mourinho and has asked to leave the club according to his agent.

Plenty of United’s fans have blamed the Portuguese manager for failing to keep his player happy and they are concerned that they will be losing a top talent.

Martial’s potential is undeniable but Saha believes the reason he’s not fulfilling it is because of his own shortcomings and that he must do more to impress Mourinho.

Regardless of what the issues or causes are, the former AS Monaco man should not be allowed to leave Old Trafford under any circumstances and must be allowed to develop into the top player he can become.

According to Daily Star, Louis said: “I think it’s a shame to see him wanting to leave already.

“I recognise for example when David Bellion was signed during my time at the club he was frustrated he wasn’t playing all the time but he was playing with big players Giggsy and Ronaldo those players, but he wanted to play right now but he was so young.

“It was already in that generation where players were impatient. Why? Because of social media and the agents, they don’t understand they have to prove themselves.

“If something is hard they have to maintain their levels and say ‘hang on a minute maybe I haven’t done enough’. It shouldn’t be like ‘maybe it’s Mourinho’s fault’, yes there are always excuses but when you’re good you play. That’s it.

“If I’m not playing it’s because I’m not scoring enough goals or creating enough, so that’s why he’s got to show people that he’s more than good enough.”

The contract stalemate Anthony has going on with the Red Devils is something that can be easily resolved rather than moving him on for the £100m price tag that’s been set on his head.

His concerns of being third in the pecking order behind Marcus Rashford and Alexis Sanchez are genuine and he must be reassured one way or the other.

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