Marcus Rashford: I’ve always been hungry to be a striker

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford has admitted he’d rather be playing as a striker than as a winger, sending a message to Jose Mourinho on his future.

The academy product had been forced out wide shortly after he broke onto the scene as an 18 year old but has never seemed to truly enjoy the role.

Rashford is certainly capable of playing in the position having played there with the younger United sides but it’s clear to see his future is leading the line.

Unfortunately there always appears to be a striker who’s ahead of him in the pecking order and it’s currently Romelu Lukaku who’s stopping him from developing in that role.

The 20 year old though has shown a maturity in his reply when asked where he would prefer to play though the question is whether Jose Mourinho will listen or not.

According to the Daily Star, Marcus said: “I think that my hunger is always wanting to score goals and, definitely, down the middle you get more opportunities to do so.

“But I know to become the all-round model of a striker you have to play wide too. You can’t do one without the other. You have to understand what the other position wants, in terms of service and all that.

“So playing in different positions is definitely a positive, not a negative. You must have that mindset. We’re all students of the game. There’s nothing that you can’t learn about the game.

“I learn new things every day. Coming to the World Cup is a new experience and I would never shy away from a new experience. I would always prefer to embrace it.”

Rashford and Anthony Martial were both fighting for the left wing position at the start of the season and it was clear to see that there was a nice balance to it.

However, the introduction of Alexis Sanchez to the squad has seen an excessive number of players fighting for the same available minutes with Mourinho coming in for criticism for that reason.

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