Jesse Lingard: Marcus Rashford has the world at his feet

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Jesse Lingard has backed Marcus Rashford for a top future, believing he’s got the world at his feet to do with what he likes.

The pair have been known for their close relationship with each other having both gone through the club’s academy as well and it’s clear to see how they support one another.

Lingard has had a fantastic season himself, one that’s proven to be his breakthrough one for club and country in the sense that he’s a regular starting player.

Rashford has yet to experience the same kind of breakthrough but is 5 years younger and has been a part of the first team for a few seasons now.

There’s been a lot of pressure on the 20 year old to deliver regularly for his club and country but Jesse believes he has the time and potential to do in the future.

It’s now clear publicly that Marcus knows Jose Mourinho trusts him and so reports of his apparent desire to leave for match-time should be scrapped.

There’s no doubt that eventually the striker turned winger will come good and his age must be taken into account whenever discussing his ability or fortunes for club or country.

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