John Obi Mikel: I chose Chelsea and four lives changed that day

by Marwan Harraz

Former Chelsea star John Obi Mikel has finally decided to open up and reveal why he chose the Blues over Manchester United in that famous transfer window.

The Nigerian international was largely expected to sign for then Sir Alex Ferguson’s side but things took a turn quickly and he was soon revealed as a Chelsea player.

It was one of the most memorable transfer moments in the Premier League but it wasn’t immediately clear why such a drastic change happened.

Mikel insisted he had good reason to turn down United in favour of the London club, claiming his decision changed four people’s lives forever.

Back then the midfielder was touted for a huge future and it’s fair to say he lived up to most of the billing, captaining Nigeria at the World Cup now at 31 years of age.

What John did was clearly honourable but doesn’t make the wounds the Red Devils suffered any less tolerable though it certainly justifies his decision all those years ago.

It’s also fair to say that his time at Chelsea was a successful one though he potentially would’ve been needed even more at Old Trafford given the history of problems in central midfield.

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