Vinnie Fran: Romelu Lukaku has known nothing but obstacles

by Marwan Harraz

Romelu Lukaku’s best friend Vinnie Fran has revealed just what kind of trouble, in particular racism trouble, the Manchester United star went through throughout his life.

The Belgian international has previously talked publicly about the issues he went through since he was a kid and has never shied away on discussing the racism he experienced as well.

Lukaku’s Congolese heritage has seen him come in for some poor behaviour from those who criticise him with the player himself saying his ancestry is not brought up other than when he performs badly.

His mother has also talked about how when he was a youngster, opposition parents often wouldn’t believe he was in the right age group simply because of his size.

Fran has been with Romelu since they were both kids attempting to chase their dreams of becoming professional footballer and he’s given fan an even greater insight into the kind of things they went through.

According to the Daily Mail, Vinnie said: “Romelu has known nothing but obstacles and opposition throughout his life. At school if he was involved in a fight, he was condemned as guilty, because he was ‘that big black boy’.

“But he was the best-behaved boy I knew, he never hurt a fly. It was always others who started it, often with racist insults. But everything Romelu has done has been for his mother.”

Racism in football is nothing new with some arguing that despite the organisations that have sprung up to counter it, it’s still a huge part of the game.

African players or players of African descent who play in Europe are typically the ones who experience it the most, especially if they play for a European nation.

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