Patrice Evra: Cristiano Ronaldo should go to Juventus

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United star Patrice Evra has nudged Cristiano Ronaldo in the direction of joining Juventus over completing a potential move to Old Trafford.

After it came to light that the Portuguese may be seriously considering his future, or at least more than ever before, some fans believed Jose Mourinho should be attempting to sign him too.

The Italian giants are reported to be Ronaldo’s most likely destination though there are whispers of a return to United or a move to PSG.

Nonetheless, Evra has weighed in on the debate in his own style and insisted that if the world class attacker wants to make it to the next World Cup, he’ll have to join the Serie A side.

The Red Devils’ fan base may be a little disappointed to learn this but perhaps it’ll work in their favour if Cristiano doesn’t end up leaving Spain at all.

According to Manchester Evening News, Patrice said: “Everyone asks me, ‘Pat, what do you think?’. I haven’t spoken to Cristiano about this, but my advice is, if he wants to play to 2050, he has to go to Juve.

“There is no other team he must join. It’s simple. I thank Juve, because if after Manchester I continued to win and to run, it was thanks to Juve.

“You should never spit on the plate that fed you, so Juve will always be in my heart. So Cristiano, I tell you this: make the right choice. You know how much the Italians love you, but it’s a sacrifice.

“If you go to Juve, it’s to work and to work hard. This lot don’t know what a vacation is. But that’s the choice. Either you want to continue playing to 2050 or just carry on for a bit.

“I can tell you this. If you go to Juve, you’ll be at the next World Cup not as a mascot, but as a protagonist.”

Ronaldo has flirted with a return to Manchester United several times in the past but it was always clear that it was nothing serious and just an attempt at getting a new contract.

Though it feels like this may still be a possibility at present, it does also feel as though he is genuinely unhappy and seriously considering his future.

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