Gary Neville: Paul Pogba is just always going to get criticised

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United icon Gary Neville has explained just why Paul Pogba will always be criticised whenever his sides aren’t performing well.

The Frenchman has often been the scapegoat for club and country whenever the team’s haven’t performed but he’s also been heavily criticised for his own performances.

Pogba started the Premier League season in fine form, helping United defeat opponents with ease but after suffering a heavy injury, he failed to get a consistent period of form going.

The talented midfielder managed to end the campaign on a decent run and has carried his performances into the World Cup where he’s managed to impress.

Neville though has sent Paul a warning that the heat will always be on him whenever either of his team’s perform badly, explaining just why that’s the case.

According to Manchester Evening News, Gary said on the United We Stand podcast: “At times when you watch him [Pogba] for United, it looks effortless – it looks so easy for him. Like he can do anything he wants.

“Basically the issue is at United: if a team is not successful or not doing well and you’re the most expensive player, and you also give it a bit like he does, you’re going to get some stick.

“Simple as that. So if David Beckham is not playing well but he’s doing TV adverts and the team aren’t winning, then he’s going to get some stick.

“Those type of players – Wayne Rooney was the same, Paul Gascoigne was the same – it was probably the same for George Best 30 years ago. It wouldn’t have all been a bed of roses.

“Everyone just remembers the good. It’s always been the same. If you’re the big player, big name, the profile, the poster boy, then you’re going to get some stick if the team aren’t winning and that’s just life.”

For Neville to put Pogba in the same category as the aforementioned names is a huge compliment but it’s also true how the best get criticised the most.

There’s always huge pressure on the likes of Neymar, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to perform and even if they do but their sides don’t, they’re still blamed.

Paul certainly has the potential to prove he’s on the same level as the others and the upcoming season is a crucial one for him.

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