Riyal Mahrez: Harry Maguire deserves to play for a bigger club

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester City’s latest signing Riyad Mahrez has backed Manchester United target Harry Maguire to make a move to a bigger club this summer.

The Englishman has gained plenty of due praise following his performances for his country at the World Cup, helping them reach the semi-finals unexpectedly.

His form has seen United step up their interest in signing him though Leicester City are said to be keen on acting swiftly on handing him a bumper deal.

However, if the interest is genuine then Jose Mourinho could easily offer above the reported £80k Maguire would receive at his current club.

Mahrez, who just left Leicester himself this summer, believes Harry is capable of making the step up in a similar manner that he did, though didn’t entirely insult his former club.

According to Manchester Evening News, Riyad said: “I have always believed that ‘H’ (Harry Maguire) is a very good player, he has shown that since the day he came to Leicester and the season he had last year.

“It doesn’t surprise me to see how he has done at the World Cup. Of course he deserves to play higher but Leicester are a good club as well, so it’s him who has to decide and we will see.”

If the Red Devils’ interest in Maguire is real then Mourinho will be hoping he listens to his former teammate’s words and forces a move through to Old Trafford.

However, it’s unlikely there’s any truth to the reports since previous claims were made that the Portuguese was looking to add an experienced, proven leader to his backline.

Harry unfortunately doesn’t fit these traits having been untested at the highest level and being only 25 years of age though he did truly perform admirably at the World Cup.

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