Zlatan Ibrahimovic congratulates Paul Pogba on winning the World Cup

by Leo Nieboer

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has sent Paul Pogba a message of congratulations after the Frenchman won the World Cup on Sunday.

The midfielder produced a truly scintillating display against Croatia, scoring France’s winning goal in spectacular fashion and defending valiantly during the latter stages of the game.

He has been one of the players of this tournament, and this triumph of the highest order serves as an emphatic middle finger to those who have ceaselessly derided him since August 2016.

Zlatan took to social media to congratulate Pogba with a wonderfully Zlatan-esque message: “Let them talk but the game speaks for itself.”

‘They’ will continue to talk, no doubt. Pogba will absolutely remain the scapegoat of Manchester United’s poor performances next season. He will still be a character many in the media and public simply cannot stomach.

But nobody – not now, not ever – will be able to claim Pogba is in some way not good enough. If you perform consistently well at a World Cup, get to the final, win it, and score the winning goal and produce one of the best performances of your life in the process, then you cannot be anything other than world class. Those are the rules.

Attention now has to turn to Jose Mourinho, and how he can replicate the Pogba of Russia 2018 at Old Trafford. Didier Deschamps, through having a balanced midfield and players up top who can stretch the pitch, demonstrated how to create the platform for the 25-year-old to excel. Supporters will desperately hope Mourinho can do the same.

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